Tiered Factions of Mutagen

Factions of Mutagen Campaign Setting

Factions are split by their technological advancement and access to technology. Topmost, is Tier 0, which has begun exploitation of PL 7 technologies, but with a very slow pace. Tier 1 is PL 6, with maybe one or two advances from PL 7. Tier 2 is mostly PL 5 with a little access to PL 6 technology. Tier 3 ranges from late PL 3 to PL 4 with a few PL 5 rarities here and there. Tier 4 is the lowest, ranging from PL 2 to PL 3 with rare equipment from PL 4 or 5 (mostly weapons and the rare vehicle).

Tier 4

Followers of the Way
Order of the Searing Light

Tier 3

Brotherhood of Thought
The Entropic Brotherhood
Red Death (Militant Entropics)

Tier 2

Knights of Genetic Purity
Servants of the Eye (Archivists)
Society of Free Trade

Tier 1

Enforcers (Former USA)
European Recreation (Former EU)
Soviet Security Confederacy (Former Asian communist nations)

Tier 0

Martian Confederacy (Mars-1 through 4, Phobos-1 and Deimos-1 colonies)
Earth Space Union (Orbital Colonies 1 through 12, Luna-1, Luna-2)
Venus Penal Colony

Tiered Factions of Mutagen

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