Timeline to Apocalypse

Timeline to Apocalypse

More of a rough guideline of events, than a detailed timeline, this document will describe the series by which events took place on Planet Earth. The first set of dates, counts until the earth was devastated. No actual dates or years are given, so these events might have happened at any point during the planet’s history.

-360 years – Most of the planet’s nations unite to form confederations. These new “mega-nations” were the European Coallition, the North American Union, the Asian Alliance, the Panafrican Confederacy, the South American Collective and the League of Unified Lands that encompasses Oceania and surrounding islands.

-305 years – Following decades of research and progress, a worldwide Research Consortium is established, to direct funds from all the governments in the world into researching and developing new technologies. Their first focus is an ambitious Space Program dubbed Project ARK.

-295 years – Project ARK is crowned with success, managing to establish a series of habitable Space Colonies, complete with research facilities and residences. Efforts begin to depopulate planet Earth, starting with the most overcrowded areas of the world. Initially, each mega-nation had one colony under its jurisdiction, with plans already laid out to construct more as the need inceased.

-290 years – Artificial gravity research completed. Ships and Colonies now had advanced reactors allowing them to travel faster and simulate gravity without the need of rotating sectors. Using these advancements, Project MOONWALK begun, its goal a permanent colony on the face of the Moon.

-270 years – After 20 years of research, the first colony on the Moon becomes operational. Dubbed “Luna-1”, it is mainly a research center for medical and scientific projects.

-260 years – Luna-00, a military research division, and Luna-2, the first residential colony, become operational on the Moon. All colonies are governed by a council formed from equal members of each mega-nation to avoid conflict and minimizing opposition, presided by head scientists of the Research Consortium. Using these advanced research facilities, Humanity begins to research even faster space travel technologies, new construction methods and materials and, of course, the latest in medical and military systems.

-258 years – The Research Consortium is revealed to have obtained 98% of every major corporation worldwide through a number of subsidiaries, making it Earth’s sole decision maker in almost every aspect of commercial life.

-255 years – Within three years following the previous revelation, the world’s Mega-Nations succumb to the economical might of the Research Consortium. A massive reformation begins on a national and solar scale.

-250 years – After five years, every single opposition to the Reformation has been stamped out. The world is now governed by a single, unified government. The previous Mega-Nations and each individual colony now function as provinces of the Solar Protectorate, representatives of each forming the Solar Council – the ruling body of all of humanity’s holding in the solar system. Humanity is finally unified and turns its attention to the stars.

-230 years – Following a lengthy research and several experiments, the first functional colony becomes operational on Mars. Advances in communications allow almost real time communication throughout the solar system, with only a few seconds of delay for messages to be delivered. The new colonization attempt is dubbed Project MARTIAN and if the colony manages to become self sufficient in the next 20 years, an extensive colonization project will be put to work, in order to populate the red planet.

-220 years – The Project MARTIAN is crowned with success, with the Mars-1 colony achieving self sufficient status, requiring no resources to be transported from Earth. Three more Martian colonies begin to be designed, scheduled to be implemented over a period of eight decades, including the time it will need them to reach Mars-1’s status.

-140 years – The last of the four Martian Colonies becomes self-sufficient. With each colony having representatives in the Solar Protectorate, a new age of enlightenment begins for the unified Humanity. Advances in every conceivable area of medicine, engineering, physics, biology and countless other subjects are promised by the Protectorate’s Scientific communities in the years to come.

-130 years – With the new alloys and research conditions available to humanity from its colonies, new Colony ships begin to be built, to further expand our presence in the stars. Already missions are being undertaken to the moons of Mars and Jupiter and even to the surface of Venus, if a way to counter its viscous atmosphere can be found.

-100 years – Three Colony Ships, Argo-1 to Argo-3 are complete. Argo’s 1 and 2 are destined to land colonies on Mars’ moons Phobos and Deimos, while Argo-3 is to undertake the daring mission to Venus. The projected dates of completion are 5 years for Argos 1 and 2 and ten years for Argo-3.

-93 years – Phobos-1 and Deimos-1 colonies active for two years and proceeding according to schedule. Both moons contained rich chemical deposits of unknown compositions whose research has allowed the Research Consortium to overcome almost every known ailment of the body and mind. the Solar Council’s President announces to a startled humanity that a new era is dawning, free of disease. At the same period, Argo-3 is having problems colonizing Venus, due to the difficulty the planet’s atmosphere incurs for any proper landing attempts. Seven years after the mission launch and only a small percentage of the mission’s prefabricated settlements have managed to be deployed. The good news, is that the alloy designed to withstand the viscous Venus atmosphere works as intended.

-88 years – With two years delay, the Venus colony becomes operational. Problems are encountered regarding habitation in the Colony settlement and modifications are made to atmospheric filters in order to obtain standard operational levels. In the other reaches of the Protectorate, human life is slowly becoming idealized and perfect. The Research Consortium begins Project DEMIGOD in secret, aiming for the next step in human evolution – immortality.

-85 years – First outbreak of Mutagen Virus on Earth. Situation contained but the Human worlds are alarmed. Outbreaks begin to show during the later months throught every colony. Quarantine and Martial Law in effect throughout the Protectorate. The Military Division replaces the Solar Council for the duration of the Crisis. Communications with the Venus Colony are cut off suddenly.

-84 years – Situation pacified on Earth and the Military Provisional Government dissolves all quarantines and terminates its Martial Law, allowing the Solar Council to regain authority over the Protectorate. In addition to representatives from the various Protectorate Holdings, a staff of Military Commanders are also given seats to the Council, for any future needs such as this. Investigations on the incident reveal that the MV virus is probably the result of mutated biochemicals imported from other human colonies for pharmaceutical reasons. While no way to reverse it has been found, a vaccine to aid in resisting it has been developed.

-80 years – On Earth’s most crowded sprawls, the MV’s become an urban legend. Every year, several deaths are attributed to the remaining MV’s that managed to evade annihilation by fleeing underground. Provincial authorities set up heavily guarded checkpoints and attempt to minimize incursions of MV’s on the surface. Survivors of MV attacks are monitored very closely.

-78 years – Small, contained cases of the MV virus reported throughout every Colony, confirming that the disease was not contained only on Earth. Slowly, one colony at the time, every space holding of the Solar Protectorate became a police state to better safeguard the population in space. A mission to Venus to assess the Argo-3 situation resulted in failure, when the Venus-1 colony was found overrun by MV’s incurring 95% of casualties on the mission personnel. Later the same year, the shuttle carrying the 2 survivors back blacked out of communications and begun an erratic course towards one of Earth’s orbital Colonies. The shuttle was destroyed before it could threaten the orbital facility.

-8 years – In the years that followed, humanity overcame that crisis and continued to progress. The MV virus was the only incurable disease a Human could come in contact with and victims or carriers of the virus had to be confined and somehow redistributed in a way that would offer the most benefit to society. The Venus colony was reclaimed when a large force made a combat drop to it and it has been turned into a prison facility and maximum security quarantine for the MV carriers. The Solar Council instigated a complete cover up on the conditions that took place in Venus, making it the single black mark in Humanity’s new history, as the only concentration camp where people were sent to live out their last moments and perish in extensive labor. Prisoners were beheaded on their deaths, to avoid the spread of the MV virus.

-7 years – The Great Outbreak. After decades of relative peace, all of Earth’s major cities were the target of a relentless and unstoppable invasion from underground. Countless MV’s begun errupting from the ground and attacked every major population center. Along with the known MV varieties, new and horrible creatures had evolved that begun to wreak havoc on the human cities on the surface of the Earth. Within months, the humans were besieged in their own homes. The Colonies were reluctant to provide substantial support, fearing of new MV outbreaks in case an infected human somehow made it back to space so what aid they could offer was mostly in the form of armed aerial assaults, Power Armor operations and humanitarian supply drops. These missions did help the Earthers reach a standstill and establish several protected bases of operation against the MV threat and for the next few years, a war of attrition begun.

-5 years – By now it was apparent that the MV’s operated much like a hive mind, led by mutated creatures whose presence was never seen above the ground. Their superior numbers made the war a lengthy standstill against the advanced military technology of the Earthers.

-3 years – Border lines were established and it seemed that the Earthen Military forces would somehow manage to turn the tide and win back the surface. However, the Mutagens brought gargantuan beings from their underground spawns and what was a desperate but winning fight became a slowly losing war. Beings of immense size and completely alien physiology would wade through human defences, leveling entire compounds with their bulk and ferocity.

Time 0 – The Great Cleansing – Human population has been reduced to rubble. Only the most steadfast and well defended cities still hold from the onslaught of the Mutagen horde. What’s more terrifying, new breeds have been introduced capable of atmospheric flight. The Solar Council’s Research Consortium has projected that after Earth has been wiped clean, the Mutagens’ next logical step will be to further evolve into a form that will allow them to survive the rigors of space. Seeing this as a new threat for the continued existence of the entire human race, a Great Cleansing is decided. Following coded transmissions with specific instructions to the last remaining bulwarks of the Humans on Earth, Project PURGE was put in effect. In a coordinated strategic operation, the Protectorate’s starfleet launched and detonated numerous nuclear warheads over Earth’s surface, in an attempt to wipe out every single mutagen. Following the devastating explosions, orbital bombardments took place in the spawning caverns of the mutagens – their access now possible thanks to the nuclear devastation. For months, the Fleet had blockaded Humanity’s homeworld, bombarding it with mass drivers and nuclear weaponry and eliminating every identified mutagen concentration. The outcome: The apparent end of the Mutagen strain. The price: Nuclear winter all over the planet.

*Unknown Number of Years Later *

Civilization is slowly rebuilding itself. The Nuclear Winter has receded and all over the globe, survivors make their first timid steps to establish communities. The surface is a new, inhospitable place. Alien and dangerous, filled with mutated life and other dangers. As time slowly passes, factions are formed, settlements grow or get destroyed. At its current state however, the world is centuries from regaining the technological level it once had.

Of the Mutagen threat, only a handful of settlements know about it and strive to explore the caverns under the surface to determine if they’re eliminated or not.

The Solar Protectorate – by now splintered into a number of independent colony-nations – is watching the situation closely and are ready to perform another PURGE if the situation has not been rectified. In the future, the disparate survivors on Earth might very well clash with their former Allies depending on how they will make contact again.—

Timeline to Apocalypse

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